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Paintball Insurance

About Paintball Insurance

Paintball PlayerLarry Cossio, owner of Cossio Insurance Agency, has been a licensed insurance agent and broker since 1979. With 30 years of experience under his belt, he has emerged as leader for several industries including the entertainment industry. As a license holder in all 50 states, his ability to write insurance knows no bounds.

Since the CIA is a family owned business, we pride ourselves on our customer service. Since we do insure businesses across the US, we do not always have the luxury of meeting our customers face-to-face (with the exception of tradeshows such as Paintball Extravaganza and PSP events like World Cup). However, if we cannot see you in person we do take great care of our customers via telephone, fax and email.

In addition to our superior level of customer service, we offer the most competitive prices with the best coverages. As pioneers in the paintball insurance industry, we had to develop safety standards and materials for the ASTM to prevent physical injuries that occur in the sport. One such development was the barrel condom/ barrel bag/ BBD. Much safer than the traditional barrel plug, the barrel condom has revolutionized the paintball world. Today, just about every major paintball marker manufacturer has a barrel sock included with their markers, which shows Larry Cossio’s impact on this industry. He also set the standard for paintball netting and still provides the safest paintball netting to this day through his other company, Weekend Warrior Sportz. We know the game of paintball because we not only assess the risks, but we actually get out and play the sport. Our knowledge of paintball makes our insurance program the safest in the country and we are always looking to find innovative ways to reduce the risk of injury, thus lowering your premiums.

Not only do we provide paintball field insurance, but we also provide: paintball store insurance, product liability insurance, tournament promoter insurance, off-premise event insurance, and special event insurance including coverage for campers and paintball tanks.

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