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Paintball Insurance

Paintball Insurance Estimate

NOTE: Please remember that this is only a ROUGH ESTIMATE and not a formal quote. Quote price is for someone who has had insurance for 3 years without any claims. Additional discounts and or charges may apply.

  • Estimate of how many players on a Saturday:
  • Estimate of how many players on a Sunday:
  • How many months per year will you be open for business taking weather in consideration?

  • Estimated sales of pro shop items separate of field rental sales:

  • Are you a tournament promoter?

  • Are you a new business (less than 3 years)?

    What modes of fire do you allow?
    Overnight Campers?
    Estimated Total:
    Total No. of players Base Add Premium New Business Surcharge % Modes of Fire Surcharge % Surcharge % gl premium subtotal % Accident medical SC Tax Filing Fee Application Fee

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